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The Snuggliest Solutions to Mental Health: Weighted Blankets Hugs

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The most affordable health care is the kind that works! And sometimes, people just don't understand what it feels like to have this dark, heavy pit inside you that never goes away. How can you explain that feeling of depression to someone? We don't really know, we're still working on it ourselves. 

Until then, this has been the best solution we can find! It's amazing what this heavy blanket can do. You slip under it and it slowly just puts this pressure on your body in a way that allows you to close your eyes and finally, finally relax! It feels like all of your problems are getting squeeeezed out of you, ever so slowly, comfortably, warmly. 

We wouldn't sell it, if we didn't believe that it could help you feel better. Seriously, if you feel like you've tried almost everything you can, without revealing to anyone just how deep your hurt goes, try this, and who knows, you may even get some sleep finally!