The 5 Step Plan to Reject Suicide in 2021 - #NOMORESUICIDE

1. Identify

We're going to find people who need help coping with their mental illnesses. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder - we will find people online who have these challenges.

2. Outreach

Once we've found someone who needs help with their mental health, we're going to reach out to them proactively. Before someone thinks about suicide, they look for help. And we're going to be there.

3. Nurture

After we find them and reach out, we're going to love and accept people as they are. We're going to welcome them home to the Suicide Sucks family. You and me will be there, with open arms.

4. Support

As people cope with mental health issues, they begin to look for ideas and resources on how to get well. We're going to help people define their growth path, and support them in their efforts to grow. Through partnerships, services and programs we will help people with suicidal ideation begin to grow.

5. Family Planning

We're going to grow the Suicide Sucks family by enabling and empowering you to reject suicide, and recruit others willing to fight this fight with us. Suicide is not a fight we can win alone. You have to help. Your family and friends need to help. Everyone needs to know what the signs of suicide are, what the best practices for intervention are, and how to help people cope with their suicidal ideation.

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